An Introduction to @BloggingBridges

HELLO GUYS! I AM VERY EXCITED TO SHARE MY EXCITING NEWS WITH YOU, LOOK ALL IN CAPS THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM. Blogging Bridges will be a #BloggersTribe-inspired community (with always their loving support and blessings to make a go of it & I can’t thank them enough) The Naming is inspired by my blog and […]

Favourite Videos this week #3

Thank for taking to watch my 3rd post of this series, hope you are enjoying the videos I share with you, check out the previous video if you haven’t already done so. Favourite Videos this week #2 Favourite Videos this week #1 1.  A Beautiful Chaos of Books 2. The Giraffe’s Life 3. My Passion […]

Favourite Videos this week #2

Thank you for joining me for my second post in this series! if you haven’t seen the previous post, check it out here 1. Chloe Alice Lily 2. Mandeville Sisters I absolutely adore this video because I LOVE SHAILENE!! 3. Rosey Cale The amazing Rosey Cale has released her new single in both English and […]

Favourite Videos this week #1

As I mentioned in my previous post, Favourite YouTube Channels, I want to start sharing my favourite YouTube videos. Now my YouTube video watching varies from week to week so I might have a small number to post, I may have a massive number for you to select from or I wont post at all […]

Favourite YouTube Channels

Ok so this blog post doesn’t need an introduction, so I will just start it off Rosey Cale Of course, Rosey had to be the first to feature in this post. I have so much love for her and support her just as much!. she is mentioned in my previous post which went out Tuesday […]

Whats in my Memory Box

This is possibly my favourite therapy, collecting for my memory box so here’s a list of the items in my Memory Box, enjoy and please do let me know if you have a memory box 1. Photo Prints of Visits to the Best Friend anybody could ask for!     here are a selection of […]


First off I’m sorry for the 2 weeks absence I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal thing, I am still dealing with them so I may not be writing my diary entries for another week or two, but I do want to continue with the Friday posts (& yes, I am posting on Thursday […]